Osteoporosis affects both post-yield microdamage accumulation and plasticity degradation in ovariectomized rat vertebra 
作者Siwei Li; Guodong Niu; Neil X Dong; Xiaodu Wang; Zhongjun Liu; Chunli Song; Huijie Leng
期刊名称Acta Mechanica Sinica
摘要Estrogen withdrawal in postmenopausal women increases bone loss and bone fragility in vertebra. It has been well recognized that bone loss with osteoporosis not only reduces bone mineral density (BMD), but actually alters bone quality, which can be comprehensively represented by bone post-yield behaviors. This study aimed to provide some information how osteoporosis induced by estrogen depletion could influence evolution of post-yield microdamage accumulation and plastic deformation in vertebral bodies, and tried to reveal part of the mechanisms how estrogen deficiency induced osteoporosis would increase the bone fracture risk. The rat bilateral ovariectomy (OVX) model was used to induce osteoporosis. Progressive cyclic compression loading was developed for vertebra testing to elucidate the post-yield behaviors. BMD, bone volume fraction, stiffness degradation, plastic deformation evolution were compared among rats raised for 5 weeks (the ovx5w group and sham5w group) and 35 weeks (the ovx35w group and sham35w group) post surgeries (SHAM and OVX). The results showed that higher bone loss in vertebral bodies corresponded to lower stiffness and higher plastic deformation. Thus, osteoporosis could increase vertebral fracture risk probably through microdamage accumulation and plastic deforming degradation.
关键词Osteoporosis; Bone mineral density; Vertebral body; Post-yield; Microdamage; Plasticity

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