The vibro-acoustic response and sound absorption performance of multi-layered micro-perforated plates of periodically rib-stiffened 
作者Haian Zhou; Xiaoming Wang; Huayong Wu; Jianbing Meng
期刊名称Acta Mechanica Sinica
摘要The vibro-acoustic response and sound absorption performance of the structure comprised of multi-layered plates and one rigid back wall are theoretically analyzed, in which structure all the plates are micro-perforated and two-dimensional periodically rib-stiffened. To investigate such structure system, semi-analytical models of the one-layered and multi-layered plate structures considering the vibration effects are firstly developed. Then, approaches of the space harmonic method and Fourier transforms are applied to one layer plate, and finally the cascade connection method is uitilized for multi-layered plate structure. Based on fundamental acoustic formulas, the vibro-acoustic responses of the micro-perforated stiffened plates are expressed as functions of a series of harmonic amplitudes of plate displacement, which are then solved by employing the numerical truncated method. Applying the inverse Fourier transform, wave propagation and linear addition properties, the equations of the sound pressures and absorption coefficients for the one-layered and multi-layered stiffened plates in the physical space are finally derived. In numerical examples, effects of most important physical parameters including the perforation ratio of the plate, sound incident angles and periodical rib spacing, etc. on the sound absorption performance are examined. Numerical results indicate that the sound absorption performance of the studied structure is effectively enhanced by the flexural vibration of the plate in the water. In the end, the proposed approaches are validated by comparing the results of stiffened plates of the present work with solutions of previous studies.
关键词sound absorption;multi-layered;micro-perforated;rib-stiffened;flexural vibration

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