Computational dynamics of soft machines 
作者Haiyan Hu; Qiang Tian; Cheng Liu
期刊名称Acta Mechanica Sinica
摘要Soft machine refers to a kind of mechanical systems made of soft materials in order to complete sophisticated missions, such as handling a fragile object and crawling along a narrow tunnel corner, under low cost control and actuation. Hence, soft machines have brought great challenges towards computational dynamics. In this review article, the recent studies of the authors on the dynamic modeling, numerical simulation and experimental validation of soft machines are summarized in the frame of multibody system dynamics. The dynamic modeling approaches are presented first for the geometric nonlinearities of coupled overall motions and large deformations of a soft component, the physical nonlinearities of a soft component made of hyper-elastic or elastoplastic materials, and the frictional contacts/impacts of soft components, respectively. Then, the computation approach is outlined for the dynamic simulation of soft machines governed by a set of differential-algebraic equations of very high dimensions, with an emphasis on the efficient computations of the nonlinear elastic force vector of finite elements. The validation of proposed approaches are given via three case studies, including the locomotion of a soft quadrupedal robot, the spinning deployment of a solar sail of a spacecraft and the deployment of a mesh reflector of a satellite antenna, as well as the corresponding experimental studies. Finally, some remarks are made for future studies.
关键词Computational dynamics; Multibody system dynamics; Absolute nodal coordinate formulation; Contact and impact; Soft machine; Soft robot; Deployable space structure

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